Suntem o agentie de recrutare ce ne adresam atat angajatorilor cat si angajatilor - EBC HR - People who leave a mark


Alina Roșca – senior accountant

The EBC team helped me on two counts: first, they found me, which is not as easy as it may seem. Secondly, they made sure the position they assigned me was the right one. I really believe the role of the recruitment agency is essential in finding a job, and the fact that they come between the candidate and potential employers actually simplifies the process. As for EBC, I valued their professionalism, but most of all I appreciated their attitude – always candid and inspiring; it boosted my confidence and made me feel safe.

Alexandru Vlad - facility manager

Their team managed to match my competencies, experience, academic background and personal qualities with the right job. This was my first collaboration with a recruitment agency and it went well. I liked the fact that, by having them help me in finding a job, I also got to broaden my knowledge in terms of labour legislation, which will serve me in the future. At EBC, I found these young and spirited professionals who approached everything they did with great care, commitment and responsiveness.

Daniela Onu - junior auditor

I am very grateful to the girls at EBC. Their positive attitude was very accommodating for me given the context – I had been looking for a job for over 2 years, to no avail. I hadn’t been approached by a recruitment company before. This experience with EBC was of great use and even better outcome: I got hired! Plus, I realised that a recruitment agency has better and more direct access to job offers than career websites, where employers don’t even bother anymore to read through all the CVs that get uploaded. So yes, I would definitely recommend my friends to call on the EBC team, because they are true professionals and can find a suitable job for anyone, for sure.

Adina Petcu - office assistant

The people from EBC gave me a lot of valuable advice and practical tips that helped me during the selection process. It was important for me to have their support, because it was a confidence boost in a moment of vulnerability and insecurity, which any job applicant finds hard to avoid. Other than that, everything I learnt from them is useful in the long run in my professional development, as well as on a personal level. If it were for me to recommend EBC, I would say that, more than anything, they are real companions when looking for a job; they’re committed, warm and competent.

Florin Scarlat – delivery driver in France

I arrived at EBC by chance; I was keeping my friend company one time he came to their office to discuss something about a job abroad that they had helped him get. I left my CV with them, just in case, and two weeks later they called me and said they had found a job for me. Spot-on.

At first, I was sceptical, because I had been contacted by other recruitment agencies and had even paid commission to have my documents reviewed – without any outcome. I was surprised that EBC didn’t charge me anything. All in all, I learned one thing from my collaboration with EBC: a company with self-respect pays the same respect to its candidates – they ultimately represent it.

The people from EBC guided me and helped me when I needed; they were very professional and straightforward – everything they promised during my interview came true.