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Raluca Grigore, candidate

They are good listeners and you feel they understand you, unlike what I experienced at various other recruiters, where it all felt like talking to a wall.

Răzvan Petrescu, candidate

After being selected, they approached me to make sure I liked the position and would start as scheduled. When I got to the new job, they called and asked me if I had settled in and if I was doing well. I appreciated their interest […] it felt as if I were their child, it was comforting.

Most of the professionals who get in touch with a recruitment agency find the recruitment process more effective, given that such agencies use databases and an eagle eye in their search for the best match between candidates and available positions. 89% of the candidates we interview tell us they are likely to call on a recruitment agency next time they look for a job.

We understand the stakes involved in finding the job that is just for you, and we know how tense you may feel during an interview. That is why we make it our job to support you and boost your confidence, while looking out for the workplace that is best for you.

We provide not only job opportunities, but assistance and guidance as well, so that you can bring to light your full potential. We will accompany you to interviews with potential employers, and we will communicate openly throughout the recruitment process.

What is more, our HR consultants will assess your potential and will provide you with suggestions for improvement. This will help you in the long run in any work-related context. Ultimately, we will give you constructive feedback regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process.

If our method appeals to you, we welcome you to the office to meet our young and savvy team. You will then see that finding the right job can be as simple as EBC!

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